A Church without Balls!

There are all types of eunuchs in the Bible. One of the 1st places that eunuchs are mentioned is in reference to Jezebel and the eunuchs that she created to accommodate her idolatress worship of Baal.

A eunuch is a person that has been castrated, taking away the testicles which removes one’s masculinity and thus makes him docile.   If this is done at birth, then as the child grows, he creates feminine tendencies.  The child begins to look more like a woman than a man.  If the castration is done as an adult, the man may look like a man, sound like a man;  but his masculinity has still been removed because he has no balls.

The same religion that Jezebel got almost the entire tribe of Israel to surrender to is a god who cannot speak, cannot bring a fire, and can produce nothing of lasting value in the lives of those who follow that god’s leading. These same castrated Christians are being cultivated today.  We’re creating a society of sinful saints that do not have the balls to stand up for anything which God hates.  

God, please give us an Elijah who will once again rebuild the altars and confront this phony, fake, frivolous, and fruitless bunch of folks, who have filled our pulpits, pews, and our people to the place where we have built a church without balls!

If this particular blog is offensive to you because of its terminologies, then maybe you are one of those people who have become complacent; and you are now a coward, a compromiser, or a corrupter who needs to be confronted because you have been completely castrated by a carnal Christianity.

Just as Jehu was anointed king over Israel, I rise to call you eunuchs and those of you who still have not surrendered your sainthood. Come on, come on, you “ball-less” Bishops, believers, and boys that are in our pulpits! Let’s not be such a friend of this world that we become the enemies of our God.  We will commit spiritual adultery with trying to be so relative to this world that we ruin our relationship with God.

Let us take a stand again into our masculinity and move the church back to its original purpose which is to love the Lord our God with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength. We must repent for the leaders who have lost their balls to be able to deal with the sin of our society; then we shall return to the genuine message  that brings repentance, or else we’ll remain a church without balls!

 Bishop Eric McClellan